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Welcome To Sneaker Life

by Jourdan Watkins 

This week in sneaker life there weren’t too many shoe releases, but the ones that did release was fire by Adidas. While Adidas dominated the release last week, Nike did not fail us this week. The release of the retro one high by Jordan Flynet with a royal blue color wave shoes and The Nike KD's number ten coming behind. With Nike stock down last week, this is a great start to get them back up in the numbers, but Adidas didn't allow itself to be counted out this week releasing two basketball shoes for the upcoming season and announcing their releases for next week. It seems like Nike and Adidas is going head to head this season with seeing who can release the best shoe each week. But with winter on it way we need to get ready for the snow and rain and sleet so we have to head over to Timberland see what they have for us this week. Timberland has already released their signature boot for this year but that doesn't mean we have to get that signature boot. Timberland also released a few more boots a couple of months ago that I think you ladies would enjoy more than just gray. Timberland release the Burgundy boots named dark port and they also released the DJ Khalad boot which is has a money green color. Well that's all for this week in sneaker life have a great week and I'll see you next weekend.

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